What is Arzell, Inc.?

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A company that is dedicated to being the premier custom integrator of automation and equipment manufactured for specific applications to serve thermal spray and general automation markets on a global basis. Our products, services, and technical expertise are designed to provide safety in order to remove operators from hazardous areas in the work environment, and to deliver robust functionality by increasing repeatability and reliability.

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What does Arzell, Inc. do?

Arzell, Inc. takes complex workplace safety and production issues and designs an integrated, automated solution to address them.

Our mission/philosophy is taking a client’s vision and creating an optimized, integrated solution to provide a safer and more productive workplace. Arzell, Inc.’s professionals take ideas and make them reality.  We provide clients with our integrated solutions that provide operational benefits that they never thought possible. “Lights out” production is an example of this.

What separates Arzell, Inc. from the competition?

The ability to see solutions to complex workplace challenges beyond what the client envisions. The capability of accessing years of multi-faceted experience in manufacturing, programming, and servicing to deliver an integrated solution that is as turn-key as what a client’s capital investment allows. The passion and desire to get the solution “right” and stand behind the Arzell name. Many companies can provide individual pieces of equipment to address workplace challenges. Arzell, Inc. is one of the few that can create a totally integrated turnkey package. Its after-sales preventive maintenance support is unique, and is intended to maximize equipment longevity, minimize safety risk, and reduce downtime in the client’s facility.

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