Thermal Spray Processes

At Arzell, Inc., we provide a full range of thermal spray integration products for clients looking to complete or improve their thermal spray processing. Thermally sprayed coating greatly increases the performance and overall value of components, making it the preferred choice for production lines worldwide. The thermal spray integration solutions that we offer include processes like HVOF, HVAF, plasma spray, combustion spray, laser cladding, and cold spray. All of the models and manufacturers with whom we work are tried and tested to be the most effective and reliable on the market. To increase control, process output, safety, and overall quality choose Arzell, Inc. today.
From design to integration, our team will handle the entire process for you. We will take the time to assess your industry to create the best design for your integrated process. At Arzell, Inc., we are your one-stop shop for all of your thermal spray integration needs.

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HVOF – High-Velocity Oxygen Fuel

High-velocity oxygen fuel (HVOF) is a process in which fuel and oxygen are combusted simultaneously. The fuels involved can include kerosene, hydrogen, propane, methane, natural gas, and more. The spray stream then coats a surface resulting in low porosity and high bond strength.

  • HVOF Equipment Arzell, Inc. has integrated

JP, JP-5, JP-8, JP5000, JP5120, JP8000, JP8200, DiamondJet, JetKote II, JetKote III, WokaJet, WokaStar, DJ2600, DJ2700, eGun, Nova-A, NOVA-D, MP-50, HV-50, DJC, DJCE, DJFW

HVAF – High-Velocity Air Fuel

High-velocity air fuel (HVAF) is a cooler process than HVOF, allowing it to be used on a wider range of materials. The lower oxygen involved in the combustion creates coatings with higher levels of flexibility while still maintaining high hardness levels.

  • HVAF Equipment Arzell, Inc. has integrated

M2, M3, C6, AK7, AK6, AK5

M710iC50 HVOF & Tall lathe with trunnion valve

M20iA35 servo lathe HVAF screw

ABB F4 plasma gas turbine vane

Plasma and Vacuum Plasma

Plasma spraying involves the use of a highly controlled plasma jet to melt and accelerate material particles. With a wide range of settings, ratios, and fuels available, plasma coatings allow for precise results to be achieved. Coatings that can be applied by plasma spraying include pure metals, alloys, carbides, and ceramics.

  • Plasma Equipment Arzell, Inc. has integrated

3710, 6600XL, 7700AP, 7M, 9M, MultiCoat, UniCoat, AT-3000, AP-50, External injection, internal injection, SG-100, 2086A, 3M, 3MB, 9M, F1, F4, F4XL, Sinplex, Triplex, Axial III+

Arc Spray – Twin Wire Arc Spray

The arc spray process involves energizing two conductive wires to create molten materials. This material is directed through a nozzle to direct and propel the desired material. This process provides a powerful mechanical bond and is frequently used in many applications.

  • Arc Equipment Arzell, Inc. has integrated

AT-400, 8830, 8835, 9910, 9935, 9985, BP-400, AWS-400, Flexi Arc, SmartArc, ValuArc

M710iC50 arc spray antiskid

M10iA12 spray & fuse cell

M710iC70 laser clad carbide

Combustion Spray

The combustion spraying process involves gaseous fuel and oxygen to apply metallic and ceramic coatings. The combustion process is lower energy and can therefore be used on surfaces with lower melting points.

  • Combustion Equipment Arzell, Inc. has integrated

6P, 6P-II, 5P, 16e, J3, TD-3000

Laser Cladding

Laser cladding or laser metal deposition is a process in which a stream of metallic powder or wire is applied via a class 4 laser. The laser cladding process delivers a high-quality coating material and offers pinpoint precision.

Cold Spray

Cold spray is a deposition process in which powdered materials are applied at supersonic speeds. The particle velocity can be adjusted for intensity and trajectory.

Powder Feeder

Powder feeders are an essential tool for applying coats onto materials. Our powder feeders deliver highly controlled results and offer sophisticated settings.

  • Powder Feeder Equipment Arzell, Inc. has integrated

G4, V1, AT-1200, 1264, 1264i, 1264WL, Twin 10, 9MP, 9MPDJ, 5MPE, 5MP-HP, FST-10, FST-20

General thermal spray information

  • Materials Typically Sprayed

Ni, Co, Cr, W, C, Al, B, Si, Fe, Y, Zr

  • Gases Used in Processes
  • Oxygen
  • Propylene
  • Propane
  • Natural gas
  • Kerosene
  • Nitrogen
  • Argon
  • Helium
  • Hydrogen
  • Compressed air

Items that can be sprayed

  • Mud rotors
  • Screws
  • Rolls
  • Shafts
  • Rockets
  • Gates / Seats
  • Ball Valves
  • Buckets / Blades
  • Vanes
  • Transition pieces / Ducts
  • Combustion liners
  • Bearings

M10iA12 & fusing lathe

M710i plasma cell

Turn-key Installs

As a business operator, you have many things to monitor and control, and juggling everything at once can be a difficult task. At Arzell, Inc. we offer turnkey installation services to help keep your business on track. A turnkey installation will handle aspects of your business like process, design, manufacturing, and installation. Having a turnkey installation brings benefits like streamlined communication and quality control. For more information about turnkey installations, contact our in-house specialists today.