Service and Repair

At Arzell, Inc., we understand that your success relies on the operation of your equipment. That’s why we proudly offer both service and repair for a wide variety of components. Our mission is to decrease downtime for facilities and ensure their full operation as soon as possible. Whether it is spray equipment, specific pieces of equipment, or the performance of safety inspections/preventive maintenance – we can do it all at Arzell, Inc.

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Robot Programming

Robot programming is essential for getting them to operate specific tasks. Timing, speed, strength, and many more aspects are involved in the coding process. At Arzell, Inc. we will work together to provide programming that ensures optimal performance.

Thermal Spray Consulting

Thermal spray can be integrated in several ways. Each specific process has its advantage when it comes to the end result. At Arzell, Inc., our expert team will consult with you about your product and pinpoint the most effective thermal spray process for you to incorporate. Options include plasma, HVOF, HVAF, combustion, arc spray, and laser cladding.

  • Coating Development

Coatings are complex mixtures of numerous chemicals. Each coating has its own unique strength and intended application. At Arzell, Inc. we can help you identify which coatings will best serve your product.  We have extensive experience with part qualifications to OEM specifications and can assist with taking your process to full acceptance.

Maintenance and Repair Services

Downtime of your equipment can take a serious toll on your business. Luckily, at Arzell, Inc., we offer fast and effective solutions to get things fully operational again. For both existing and new clients, we are always dedicated to providing the highest levels of service and support. At Arzell, Inc., we are proud to be more than a provider, but a complete solution for businesses in our industry. We offer both maintenance and repair services for a wide variety of parts, robotics, thermal spray equipment, and much more. Our services can also help to optimize existing machines and parts. This would include actions like adjusting, cleaning, lubricating, and much more. To find out more about our maintenance and repair services, download this brochure. Please refer to the Safety Inspections section below for specific types of equipment.

Safety Inspections

Inspections are a necessary part of managing a business. Without them standards would not have to be met, and conditions would decline. At Arzell, Inc., we are happy to provide you with a thorough safety inspection to ensure that your systems meet the proper criteria. Our inspections give companies a better idea of where they stand when it comes to future inspections and alerts them of what needs attention. We have a highly experienced safety team that stays up-to-date on all of the latest safety requirements, regardless of your industry. If you’re curious about our safety inspections, please download them below. The price of this service typically ranges from $995 to $2,650 depending on the equipment. Bundling pricing may be available to address multiple pieces of equipment in the client facility. Give us a call for specific pricing that fits your needs.

Dust Collector
Spray Equipment Lathe 3-Axis
Spray Equipment Lathe
Spray Equipment Lathe Polisher 
Spray Equipment Lathe Without Traverse 
Spray Robot 


When new equipment and processes are implemented, working instructions for proper maintenance and operation usually require change. When you are considering a new investment in automated technologies or thermal spray integration, or if you are simply managing personnel turnover, addressing training needs is critical to continued operational success. At Arzell, Inc., our technicians and safety experts will provide you and your employees with a detailed and hands-on training course. It will ensure that both your equipment and employees remain safe and perform at full optimal capacity.

Robot Programming

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